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I call my crystals "friends without faces."  I love crystals and find them to be beautiful and comforting.  I've noticed that children have a natural connection and appreciation for crystals and rocks too, they always know which ones they want to hold and carry with them.  Today I'd like to share with you a very special crystal called the bloodstone.

The bloodstone is a powerful all-purpose crystal with wonderful healing benefits. Some of its great physical benefits are that it strengthens the immune system, it balances the kidneys and nourishes the blood. Some of its emotional benefits are that it supports courageousness, altruism and mindfulness.  For me, the bloodstone is a very grounding crystal that strengthens my root chakra.  

The best way to work with any crystal is to simply hold it in the palm of your hand.  Your hand chakras are connected to your heart chakra so the electricity generated by your heartbeat taps into the energetics of the crystal which charges it through your body.  Think of how a quartz crystal in your watch works, or how a compass works. A more detailed explanation of how crystal energy works is described in the Crystal Reiki Master Teacher course that I teach:

Crystals can generate energy through a process known as the Piezoelectric effect. This effect occurs when pressure is applied to the crystal which then generates energy. In the same way, if a voltage is applied to a crystal such as quartz, it will bend or slightly change its shape. We all consist of electromagnetic energy. When holding a crystal, your frequency interacts with the crystal, creating a similar type of Piezoelectric effect. The crystal vibrates and the energy it creates can be transmitted to your own internal energy pathways. 

I invite you this weekend to hold one of your favorite crystals in your hand and tune into its subtle energy.  Working with crystals is an excellent way to strengthen your connection to the subtle energies of the Universe. I'd love for you to write me about your personal crystal  experience.
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So those of you who've attended my classes and have sessions with me know that regular morning routine involves a hike when I pray, meditate and talk to Spirit. This past April 1st I was walking and talking to Spirit I asked about how the power of prayer really works. I wanted to understand how prayer changes circumstances and people. Even though I've been praying since I was a little girl and it always makes me feel better talking to God; I wanted to ask Spirit what I can say to others who didn't grow up praying or don't really get the notion of praying.  So I just asked why pray? What's the point? What does it do?  The following is what I received that morning:  

"When you pray you're summoning the God within you to connect with the God that is in everything, everywhere and in everyone. So, when many people pray for someone or something, they're summoning the infinite energy of the Universe (Creator God/energy) to create an outcome.  In essence, they're creating and asking for the potentials for all things that are possible to create a specific reality and/or to modify a reality by accessing and transfiguring energy through the power of God (Universe, Divine Creator, etc). Thus, prayers are answered. Miracles are created."

I love to pray and pray all the time and I always pray to God.  Although, I know some folks have a difficult time with the word God, or believe God doesn't exist, or whatever the disconnect. The reason doesn't really matter. It only matters that folks have given up on hope and something that's greater and more expansive than they are. I remember one of my college math teacher's told our class that he doesn't believe that God exists, nor does he believe God does NOT exist, either.  He just hasn't seen actual proof of God so he was reserving his belief until God is PROVEN to exist.  I remember thinking that sounded reasonable for him to come that that conclusion. At least he knew what he believed and why.

Back to my conversation with Spirit on April 1st: I asked how I can share with others the power of prayer and especially to those who don't believe in God or prayer - what can I say to those people? I was told that the word God is a plain and simple way of saying the Creation Consciousness that is responsible for Life and Creation itself.  It is the How and Why existence continues to exists. So, instead of me going off into the philosophical never-ending land, simply put: saying God simply refers to the Creator of everything that lives.  For the same reason that you don't call your parents by their first name, or the woman who birthed me, or the man who sired me, you simply say mom and dad. Saying mom and dad is a simple term of affection that everyone understands.  So, I invite you today to begin talking to God, praying to the Universe, talking to the Divine, the Earth or whatever you want to say. Or, you can keep it simple and simply say, Dear God... 

I wish you a beautiful week filled with examples of unconditional love and blessings of all that is good in life.
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Just like a strong immune system protects you from becoming sick, your spiritual immune system fortifies your personal energy system. If you're an Empath (someone who's highly sensitive to energy) it's important for you to develop and maintain a strong spiritual immune system. Why? Developing a strong spiritual energy immune system fortifies you from the adverse effects from being exposed to energy that is not authentically yours and negative energies. 

Everyone knows what negative energy feels like; however, for Empaths experiencing negative energy is magnified.  Some of the symptoms Empaths can suddenly feel when they enter a negative space or meet with a negative person can be: creepy crawliness on the skin, feeling an energetic punch in the heart or the stomach, a sudden bout of sneezing or coughing (or some other repetitive physical response), emotional agitation (including sudden anger and other extreme uncomfortable emotions), dizziness, feeling stunned, confusion, and feeling like you want to run away (because you do!).  A good way to discern that these energies are not authentically yours is the fact that you did NOT feel these symptoms before you entered the space or met the person(s). If you have babies or small children a huge indicator that they're suffering from negative energy is the onset of sudden crying or fussiness. Children are super sensitive to subtle energies, especially negative. Their precious little systems can become overwhelmed (and sometimes literally hurting) and they become physically and emotionally uncomfortable. The best remedy, when possible is to bring them to a more serene environment.

As energy beings it's important to do your best to metabolize clean, fresh energy. You know that stagnant and negative energy can impact your wellbeing. When negative energy penetrates your energy field it can circulate through your human energy field and then enter through your weakest chakra.  For example, if you have chronic stomach issues then you probably have a precarious solar plexus chakra.  So when you come across negative energy it can travel through your human energy field, enter your solar plexus chakra and then affect the organs of your digestive system.  You are a very extraordinary, high functioning organism with a sophisticated energy system. Taking good care of yourself, including your energy health, is so important in these rapidly changing times.  A few ways to support your spiritual hygiene are:
  • Take regular sea salt baths
  • Engage in regular meditations (click here to access to my guided Reiki meditations)
  • do yoga.
  • Say your daily prayers.
  • Regularly manage your chakras and energy systems (find out how to receive regular aura clearings). 

You are so much more than a physical body. Embracing the other beautiful parts of yourself is a wonderful way to support the entirety of you, create the life you desire and to truly remain in love with life.  Your life experiences are true reflections and manifestations of the energy your holding. 
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Your Soul knows what it needs. You know how it knows? You feel good doing it. It makes you happy thinking about it. Your soul wants nothing more than to feel and enjoy love. It's that simple. If it makes you happy, it's good for your Soul.
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You already know that energy is everywhere and everything is energy.  Universal energy is like air - you can't see it but it's everywhere. You can't feel it but you know when you don't have it. Some of the symptoms of lacking Universal energy is feeling tired, irritable, uninspired, unhopeful, stuck or sluggish.

Your chakra system functions like your lungs: it ingests Universal energy through every chakra to nourish them and to provide energy to each vital organ of your body to cleanse and nourish every aspect of your wholeness as you have your day, your week and your life. 

Often when folks come across challenges in life they'll usually cope in one of two ways: 1) Shut down.  Shutting down decreases life force energy. Or, 2) Go into fight or flight mode which forcefully expels their personal energy to fight off or flee from what’s happening to them. Both of these defensive/coping mechanisms restrict the flow of life force energy and actually anchors in the denser energies they're trying to avoid into their heart chakra.

If you've suffered any kind of childhood hurt, or suffered from a loss of any kind in your life the grief from those experiences can create imbalances in your heart chakra.  If the emotional wounds haven't been healed and balanced, over time your heart will gradually shut down due to the diminished flow of energy.  Remember, organisms adapt to their environment.  Some ways you can deplete the functionality of your heart chakra energy is: 1) If you've over-extended your heart chakra energy to keep up with the demands of a loved one. Or, 2)  Trying to please everyone. This creates dysfunction and exhaustion.
When you consciously or unconsciously close your heart to avoid feeling emotional pain it actually restricts the flow of vital force energy into your heart chakra. It's completely natural to want to avoid pain, but it's not natural to stifle the flow of energy because as a living breathing organism you need new energy at all times. Imagine stopping the circulation of blood in your body: it would adversely affect your health. 

Naturally giving and receiving love to others and with the world is beautiful, nourishing and inspiring.. Whenever you experiences heart chakra imbalances it's so important to heal and rebalance your heart chakra by releasing these blockages and any deficiencies allowing the energy move freely. 

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In honor of Valentine's Day, the one day a year we get to celebrate pure LOVE, I thought sharing the beautiful properties of the Rose Quartz crystal would be perfect.

Rose quartz, the stone of Unconditional Love, is such an important crystal that supports opening your heart chakra to greater love - enhancing self love, love for others, universal love and, of course, romantic love. Being a member of the quartz crystal family it's energetic properties simultaneously transmit high frequency and calming energies.

The soothing energy of rose quartz nurtures feelings of empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness that naturally lower the tensions and stresses held in the heart allowing you to feel safer to open your heart wider to give and receive even more love.

Rose Quartz gently removes the denser emotional energetics of anger, jealousy, and resentment from the subtle bodies of the human energy field and the biological structures of the physical body.  Rose quartz balances heart issues and dis-ease resulting from the long term retention of dense negative emotions.

Recognized as the stone of romance, Rose Quartz attracts and magnetizes more love to you. Placing a piece of Rose Quartz near your bedside, or in the relationship corner of your room or home can attract new love or reinforce trust and re-commitment to existing relationships. Rose quartz increases loving energy towards all relationships supporting peace and harmony to them.  Rose quartz radiates a soothing frequency of comfort which helps to heal a broken heart.  Rose quartz helps dissolves the congestion of grief, despair and unexpressed emotions allowing your personal frequency to elevate to support receiving and giving greater amounts of Universal Love. Remember, we exists because we Love.
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If you're in any way sensitive to energy you know how important it is to manage your personal energy. But, did you know how important it is to keep your home and other living spaces clean and clear with fresh energy?  The following is an energy cleaning tip that will help you remove distorted and negative energy from your hearth and home.  Having nice, clean, fresh high-vibe energy circulating through your home supports greater love, greater optimism, and good energetic health for you and your family. It's super easy to clean the energy of your home, all you need is about 15 minutes of time and your voice. 
​First, you'll want to open a window or a door then say a prayer to connect with your Divine guides/Creator God. Next, visualize and invite every color of the rainbow into your heart letting this rainbow energy radiate from your heart into every room of your home, and then declare with your voice that you want to have your home cleared of any and all stale, negative, and distorted energy. 
Next, begin walking in a clockwise direction throughout your home using your right hand to draw the figure-eight (8) also also known as the infinity symbol in each room saying, "Dear God/Universe (or your favorite Divine Being) please bless this home with Grace, Love and Peace."  Continue this process until you've finished clearing and blessing each room of your home.  Feel free to go outside and bless and clear your yard, your garage, basement, attic (BIG energy collectors), storage shed and anywhere else you'd like to freshen up.
As you use this technique tune into your own sacred wisdom to guide you through the process, if you love it, it will work. It is LOVE that Heals. Clear your home as often as you like as it strengthens the vibration of love, grace and peace which Healthifies you and your family.
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In 1975 the National Interfaith Conference on Aging defined Spiritual Well-Being as follows: 

Spiritual well-being comprises your living relationship with Creator God, yourself, your community and your environment.

​As you already know, all human beings have a body, emotions, a mentality, and a soul. Each are integral to your whole life experience as a human being. As a spiritual energy being with a physical body, how are you nurturing your own spiritual energy?  Is it healthy? Did you even know you had spiritual energy?

While spiritual energy is different from physical energy, it's inherent in all life forms in the Universe and readily available and accessible at all times. Some people are able to connect with it easier than others. A huge part of embracing your spiritual nature is nurturing your spiritual energy. Don't know what to do?
Here are three things you can start doing today to strengthen your own spiritual health and well-being.

1. Start eating and drinking at least one thing everyday that supports the health of your body.  Eat an apple. Drink an extra glass of water.  Eat a piece of celery.  Drink a cup of herbal tea.  Taking good care of your body supports your connection to the spiritual energy life force of the universe.  The Creator created all life on this planet, so honoring your life honors the Creator.

2.  Say a prayer of gratitude for your life.  Don't know how to pray? Then simply say, "thank you" out loud.  Whenever you're speaking from your heart and soul, you're saying a prayer. You can say anything.  You can pray for anything. All prayers are heard and answered.

3.  Walk outside.  If you can't walk, then take the time to look outside at the sky, at a tree, at flowers, a plant.  Walking clears and harmonizes your spiritual energy field.  Looking at plants and trees and the natural elements of Earth connects you with Earth energy and its beauty which simultaneously connects you with the Universal Life Force of everything that exists.

It doesn't take much to honor your sacredness and your spirituality.  Begin conscious of your spiritual health and wellness to taking the time to nurture it is sure to support living a more inspired, joy-filled and healthier life. We are all spiritual energy beings gifted with a form to have an experience of humanness. I'd love to hear what you do to nurture your spiritual health and wellbeing. 
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Smudging is a wonderful Native American tradition that typically burns a bundle stick of herbs to allow the natural element of smoke to cleanse, clear and purify a space.

You can smudge just about anything: yourself, crystals, personal objects, any room in your home, office, healing space, car and anywhere else you'd like to energetically uplift and clear. I'll even periodically smudge the entire perimeter of my home.

Bundle sticks can be made from many different herbs.  Some of the most common are white sage, cedar, pine, lavender, sweet grass, mugwort and copal.  Combining different herbs in your bundle is wonderful to do as it fuses different forms of plant medicine as well as adding to the aromatherapy aspect of smudging. You can purchase already made smudge sticks online or at a healthfood store, but the best way is to make them yourself. 

When do you smudge yourself?
Whenever you need a pick me up. You especially want to smudge yourself a
fter you've been around someone who's been sick, fearful, stressed out, angry, or anyone or anyplace where there's intense heavy emotion.

​How do you do it?
old the smudge stick and light a small flame at one end of it then blow out the flame once the smoke begins. Allowing the smoke to continue emanating from the stick as it'll continue to transmute negative energy into neutral energy, creating a more uplifting environment.  As you're smudging you can say a prayer to ensure that only love lives in your space. As the smudge stick continues to smoke you can use a feather or your hand to move the smoke around. If you're smudging yourself simply motion the smoke with your hand or a feather, making sure you smudge the bottom of your feet to clear away any residue from walking and your prayer can be, please bless me and all that I do with Divine Wisdom.

After you've smudged yourself and/or the desired areas, you can let the smoke die out on its own by laying in a fireproof bowl.  You can also safely put out the smudge stick by placing the smoking edge in a bowl of sand or dirt.  If you want to make sure the smudge stick completely stops burning run the burning edge of it under water. I've had the misfortune of accidentally placing a smudge stick that wasn't completely out in a drawer and it actually burned the bottom of it!  I was so lucky it didn't start a fire.

I've been smudging for years and definitely notice a difference in energy in myself and the room and whatever else I'm smudging 
afterwards.  It's truly amazing. Try smudging yourself and your home this week and see if you too notice a difference in your energy.

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As we move forward into 2018, I'd love to share a mindfulness tip with you to help reduce your daily stress and support living a conscious life.  Mindful observation is a simple yet powerful exercise that connects you with the beauty of your natural environment that can be missed when you're rushing around in busyness. 

The way to practice mindful observation is to choose an organic object in your immediate environment such as a flower, a plant, the clouds, the moon, the sky, etc.  Then simply allow your gaze to observe it for at least one full minute observing it with curiosity. 

As you visually explore the organic object allow yourself to relax into the experience of observing, gazing at it as if you're seeing it for the first time. Visually explore every aspect of it. Become consumed by its presence. Connect with its energy, its place and purpose in the natural world. It's purpose in your world. Regularly practicing mindful observation supports your ability to live in the Now. I invite you to practice mindful observation at least two times this week and take note of how you feel in doing so.  
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I hope you're still soaking in the celebration energies we've been enjoying since Thanksgiving.  I hope you're basking in love, gratitude and generosity and sharing that goodwill with your community. Remember, the energy of love never diminishes or dies - it multiplies.  This is a beautiful form of spiritual alchemy and spiritual generosity. Your continued generosity of spirit moving into 2018 supports creating the new you, a newly inspired life and a New Earth.  

We are all spiritual energy BEings blessed with a form. Pure energetic formations that exist, create, connect, live and love.  The process of alchemy occurs when something transforms and transfigures into something else.  Spiritual alchemy occurs when one spiritual energy blends with another which always creates transformation.  What is Spirit?  It's essence, ethos, pure energy - formless, malleable, endless.  

Every single life form experienced an alchemical process in 2017. No matter where you live, no matter what you've done, you were included in the collective, spiritual alchemical process of transformation.  It was experienced through the natural events: the fires, floods, and earthquakes; and through the direct or indirect impact of the collective consciousness of the world.  If you were alive in 2017, you were affected alchemically and spiritually.  There was no escaping it.  It was in the ethers. Because of this profound alchemical spiritual process, I'm sure you realized that things will change whether you're ready for them or not.  

The one thing that makes inevitable changes more comfortable is being the vibration of Love and centeredness. Surrendering into love centers and balances. BEing love, requires self love. The more you love yourself that love radiates into your essence, your bioenergy systems, your choices, your communications, your everything.  

The beautiful song by Jackie DeShannon in 1965 was relevant for those times and in these times, "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..."  I find it beautifully ironic that the original Flower Children of the 1960s planted the seeds of consciousness that we're now reaping, the consciousness that is now blooming: benevolence, truth, Divinity, God, loving kindness, peace and the infinite nature of everything. We are the children of those children and when you view it from that lens, I hope you see how inherently connected you are to those times and those people. We are indeed all related.

I hope this gives you the strength and clarity to see your Truth and your Way through these times.  Your Divine blueprint is inside of you. I pray this perspective gives you the clarity to think of the kind of future and the kind of world you're creating for future generations. Even if you don't have children YOU ARE having a profound effect on the state of the world and the collective consciousness.
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All symbols and images originate from the depths of consciousness. They serve the purpose of revealing the deepest and most profound aspects of realities that cannot be explained by the restrictions of verbal liguistics. The symbols used in Reiki have been used by so many for so long that they've been strengthened to the point where they automatically heal and harmonize consciousness, physicality, and psycho-spiritual health and well-being. Remember, energy always follows intent. Reiki symbols manifest potentials for creation into physical reality because Reiki symbols are literally energetic tools for transformation. Reiki symbols bestow the Reiki healer access to the unlimited potentials of Light energies present and available throughout the Universe through the Universal Life Force. 

During a Reiki session the Reiki healer and the Reiki receiver are conscious and aware of the inner and outer realms of Infinite energy - on some level. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung explained that symbology is the fundamental basis for infinite consciousness communication.  For example, think of a business logo: every business has a logo which conveys a vibration and a feeling about their business just by looking at it. A single image elicits a litany of psychological connotations through the use of color, design, etc.  This is how spiritual energy communication connects with your consciousness - it accesses the symbolic language you already understand in order to communicate with you directly; which inspires exploration to learn more about what you saw.  Interestingly, one of the definition of Logos is: the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order.  Thus, Reiki symbols help you establish an intimate conversation with yourself, your biology, your consciousness, your Infinite nature and All That Is.  Even if you don't understand something with your MentalMind, the infinite nature of your SoulMind certainly does.

Reiki works even if you don't believe in Reiki because Reiki is pure Divine Universal Light energy that already exists in the Universe. Reiki/Universal Life Force energy is like air: you don't see it but you need it to exist - even if you don't understand the molecular composition of air, it doesn't matter. Your body still breathes and knows how to utilize the air you take in to keep you alive.  Universal Life Force Energy, which IS Reiki, always perfectly harmonizes all energies bringing them into balance in accord with DivineDesign and honoring the sacred nature of All that Is.
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When you perform Namaste towards someone you're recognizing the divine spark in them. When you bestow the word and the action of Namaste you're conveying, the God in me meets and greets the God in you. Namaste recognizes the equality of all souls, honoring the sacredness of everyone while simultaneously acknowledging the dualistic nature of the world. Sharing Namaste puts forth the energy of  harmony and Oneness into the world. When you practice the action of Namaste, the physical process of bringing hands together into the namaste position while simultaneously speaking, namaste is equivalent providing a blessing of Unity. The sacred sound Namaste energizes and places into motion the creative exchange of Divinity. The transformation experienced between souls while performing Namaste aligns them with the cosmic Universe itself. Namaste is a beautiful greeting to share upon meeting another that creates a feeling of joy with the connection.
<![CDATA[Conscious Elevation]]>Mon, 30 Oct 2017 14:56:18 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/conscious-elevation
Did you know that every time someone receives a spiritual healing it benefits the Collective Consciousness? Every single time denser energy is cleared out from the energy fields of someone and returned back to God (Source energy for all creation) it simultaneously elevates the vibration of the person receiving the spiritual healing AND the entire Universe.

This is one of the reasons why we're all feeling tremendous shifts and changes in the world on a daily basis.  So many people are receiving clearings and healings (whether it's active or passive) every day. When one layer clears another layer reveals itself to be cleared and removed and the process is happening at a rapid pace.  We're in a constant renewal and regeneration process. Just like when your skin cells die, slough off, renew and regenerate, the collective consciousness is going through a massive sloughing off period, renewal and regeneration period. The collective consciousness will be going through this process until things stabilize and we're collectively resonating at a higher harmonic.  This doesn't mean our evolution and expansion will cease at that time, it just means it won't be as accelerated as it has been this year. This year was the catalyst.  We're in an evolutionary process: refining our humanity, transforming Humankind. We're collectively releasing what no longer works to sustain humanity and simultaneously receiving new energy to support our growth and higher consciousness. As with all growth spurts, it can sometimes be painful (think of growing pains for children).  However, once the discomfort has subsided and adaptations have been made, comfort is felt.  I invite you today to begin a daily spiritual practice, and if you have one keep it up! The stronger your spiritual health is, the better you're able to metabolize the higher frequency spiritual energy that's coursing through the Universe now and feel greater peace within.
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<![CDATA[Color Breathing Exercise]]>Fri, 20 Oct 2017 02:10:24 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/color-breathing-exercise
In order to do this color breathing exercise all you need to do is find a few minutes to be in silence and sit​ ​upright​ ​in​ ​a​ ​comfortable​ ​chair,​ ​preferably​ ​in​ ​front​ ​of​ ​an​ ​open​ ​window or outside. ​​Allow your​ ​body​ ​to​ ​slowly​ ​relax​ ​and​ ​then exhale​ ​all​ ​of​ ​the​ ​air​ ​out​ ​of​ ​your​ ​lungs. When you're ready ​slowly​ ​breathe​ ​in,​ ​focusing​ ​your​ ​attention​ ​on​ ​your third ​eye chakra,​ located in the middle​ ​of​ ​your​ ​forehead.  Then,​ hold​ ​your​ ​breath​ ​and​ ​then​ ​count​ ​from​ ​1-12​ ​calmly​ ​and peacefully.  If you can't hold your breath for 12 seconds, then gently hold it for as long as you comfortably can.

When you're ready visualize
​a beautiful golden yellow color​ and then imagine, feel and sense yourself slowly inhaling the golden yellow color; breathing in this beautiful golden yellow color into​ ​your​ ​lungs,​ ​your​ ​being and your entire energy system.​ ​​

You​'ll​ ​find​ ​that​ ​counting​ ​becomes​ ​automatic​ ​and​ ​your​ ​mind​ ​becomes free​ ​to​ receive the Universal Life Force and the healing  the​ ​power of​ ​the​ ​golden yellow to ​nourish​ ​your​ ​BEing. Regularly practicing ​this​ ​exercise​ ​replenishes you with​ ​fresh vital force energy,​ ​harmony and an overall sense of well-being.

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Today have your intention to connect with Earth with each step you take. As you walk upon her allow yourself to receive her support, power, strength and love. As you consciously open up to our beloved Earth Mother your relationship with her will strengthen and more important your relationship with yourself will strengthen!

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